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Aligning Home Heart & Soul


Welcome to Home of Tao

When your home, heart and soul are aligned your creative nature will flow and you will create magic. 

With kindness Julie 🌸


Feng Shui Consultation

Feng Shui

Do you feel at home in your home? Does it resonate on a deep level with you?   Is it aligned with your goals, hopes and dreams?  Our homes are an extension of us and they affect how we feel, how we think, our energy levels and our optimism.  Creating an optimal environment raises the vibration of your home affecting you in the most amazing ways.  

About Me

I live in the beautiful Southwest of Western Australia and have been facilitating and teaching Reiki for over 25 years.   I am a qualified Social Worker and have studied other modalities including Pranic Healing, Sound Healing and a modern form of Feng Shui.  I understand energy and how this can optimise healing and change.

My Feng Shui practice is based on your creative wisdom, infinite possibilities and intention along with Feng Shui principles of Yin and Yang and your Elements. Our environment when optimised, supports our lives by balancing and creating flow, removing limiting beliefs and utilising our own creativity. Science tells us that our environments are an extension of our energy field and even if we don’t fully participate in this thought, it still influences our mood, our energy and our creativity.

Working as a Social Worker doing counselling for over 15 years, enables me to work holistically with you, acknowledging aspects of self, influence of our environments and life experiences.  Working from a strengths perspective, is of great importance in bringing you into an empowered and balanced version of you.


I really do love nothing more than working alongside people to bring joy into their lives by empowering them to be amazing.

With kindness


With the changes already made the best is yet to come, the energy is felt and love the feeling of the calmness in the rooms that the  changes have already taken place. Thank you for transforming the vibration in our home 


I had Home of Tao do a full report on my home. Julie was such a joy to work with, explaining how it works and how by just starting to make a difference starts the change. My husband even got involved to find how things could improve by clearing the stale energy. Julie did our elements and showed us how to improve our flow through the home. The change has made such a difference, with still more to do, I'm looking forward to what the next change will bring. Thank you Home of Tao


Julie's work is truly life changing. Her meticulous and detailed approach to re-designing your life from the inside out leads to significant outcomes. She's been able to bring back love and joy into my life through her considerate and strategic intention. I wasn't looking for someone to tell me to put a frog in a corner for luck, and if you're not either, get in touch with Julie. You won't regret the experience.


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