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Transform Your Life with Feng Shui


Discover Balance and Harmony with Feng Shui

Feng Shui, which literally translates to "wind and water," is a timeless art that has thrived for over 6,000 years. At its core, it teaches that by carefully arranging items and organizing spaces, we can align ourselves with the natural flow of energy, achieving balance and harmony in our lives.

Beyond the Rules: A Personal Connection Unlock Your Inner Wisdom

While you may have heard of rules like the "coffin position of the bed" or the strategic placement of mirrors, it's important to realize that Feng Shui isn't just about these guidelines. Often, we find ourselves following rules that don't resonate with us or truly understand their significance. Our homes end up feeling like generic prescriptions that don't reflect our unique personalities, preferences, and connections to our spaces.In my practice, I help you tap into your creative wisdom, intentions, and infinite possibilities, all aligned with your personal sense of style and harmony – your own Tao. I encourage repurposing, upcycling, and gifting items you already have in your home. It's a journey free from superstition, driven by empowerment and devoid of fear-based recommendations.

Elevate Your Well-Being

Your space is more than just walls and furniture; it's an extension of your energy field. It influences your mood, energy, and creativity, often more than you realize. Scientific studies show that even cortisol levels are affected by how we live in our homes. Think about those times when you weren't feeling your best, physically or emotionally. Your home environment is often the first thing you neglect, but it significantly impacts your well-being. A clean, organized space feels drastically different from a cluttered one.

A New Beginning

Today, let's look at your home with fresh eyes and discover where you can elevate the energy, even in just one room. Sometimes, a simple photograph can reveal what you've grown accustomed to. Your home is a mirror of your life. Consider creating a new narrative for your space, one that reflects the feelings and emotions that support you wherever you look. Even if you don't love your home, acknowledge its role in supporting and sustaining you. Shift your mindset, and witness the amazing transformations unfold in your life. 

Welcome to the transformative world of Feng Shui. Your journey to balance and harmony begins at home.

Explore our two distinct services:

  • Comprehensive Feng Shui Consultation:  Delve deep into the transformation of your living space.

  • Feng Shui Element & Bagua Consultation: Harmonise your home's energy with your personal essence.


Let's journey together toward a life and home that aligns perfectly with your vision.

Comprehensive Feng Shui Consultation: Transform Your Space and Life

To provide you with a thorough and insightful consultation, we'll schedule a convenient Zoom meeting. During this session, we'll walk through a questionnaire designed to explore your unique elements - your lifestyle, personality, and your personal approach to creating and manifesting. This process can shed light on aspects of your life that you may not have considered and can greatly enhance your daily experiences.


Once you've completed the questionnaire, I will carefully analyse the results in preparation for our consultation meeting, which can be held either in person or via Zoom. For in-person consultations, outside of the Greater Bunbury Region travel fees may apply, depending on the distance.


To assist in our evaluation, please take photos of your entire home and create a basic floor plan that includes your yard and any additional structures.


While in-person photos are not mandatory, a floor plan is highly beneficial.


Following our home consultation, you will receive a comprehensive report summarising our discussions and recommendations. Please allocate approximately 2-3 hours for the consultation session.


Our full consultation for a standard-sized home starts at $275 AUD.


For further information or to schedule an appointment, please use the contact form below or hit this link.

Feng Shui Element & Bagua Consultation: Aligning Your Home with Your Energy

Experience our Feng Shui Element & Bagua Consultation,  a service designed to harmonise your living space with your personal energy.

Your consultation will encompass an Element Questionnaire, Bagua Map placement, space clearing, as well as valuable tips and tools tailored for your home. Your home is an energetic extension of you, significantly influencing your life, whether you're conscious of it or not. Your home can become a powerful catalyst for manifesting the life you desire.

The Element reading will provide insights into where your life is flowing smoothly and how to enhance it. This consultation can be profoundly illuminating, offering valuable insights into your natural tendencies and how they manifest in your life and living space. Are you riding the wave of the Water phase, propelling yourself through various elements to accomplish your goals, or do you feel stuck? Is your Fire element ignited, giving you the energy and passion to initiate tasks, with the Metal element supporting you to see them through to completion?

If you decide to proceed with a full home consultation, the cost of this initial appointment will be deducted from the full home consultation price. Our consultations are available in person or via Zoom. If the currently available appointment times don't align with your schedule, please don't hesitate to contact me directly.

Price: $110 AUD


With the changes already made the best is yet to come, the energy is felt and love the feeling of the calmness in the rooms that the  changes have already taken place. Thank you for transforming the vibration in our home 


I had Home of Tao do a full report on my home. Julie was such a joy to work with, explaining how it works and how by just starting to make a difference starts the change. My husband even got involved to find how things could improve by clearing the stale energy. Julie did our elements and showed us how to improve our flow through the home. The change has made such a difference, with still more to do, I'm looking forward to what the next change will bring. Thank you Home of Tao


Julie's work is truly life changing. Her meticulous and detailed approach to re-designing your life from the inside out leads to significant outcomes. She's been able to bring back love and joy into my life through her considerate and strategic intention. I wasn't looking for someone to tell me to put a frog in a corner for luck, and if you're not either, get in touch with Julie. You won't regret the experience.


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