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Variation of Metatrons Cube Crystal Grid

  • Our variations of the Metatron's Cube are made from 3mm acrylic and laser engraved


    Available in two sizes: 19cm and 25cm


    Metatrons Cube, is a potent symbol within sacred geometry. The Metatron represents all things that exist in the known universe, no matter how great or how insignificant, and the unending flow of energy between everything in the universe.


    Metatron Cube is also thought to both conduct and repel energy. It is believed that if your focus on the symbol and imagine it rotating clockwise, it will allow you to disperse negative energy, and also pull positive energy from the universe into yourself. 


    Great for manifesting or as a meditation tool always use intent with loving kindness 🌸

    Please note pricing is for the grid  and does not include the crystals.


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