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Unveiling the Magic of Crystal Grids: A Journey to Transformation and Intention


Crystal grids serve as a transformative tool, aligning with my spiritual journey and my desire to create beautiful spaces that resonate with one's inner Tao or connection to home and life. I firmly believe that by harnessing our intention and loving kindness, we can manifest feelings of peace and love within our home, our life, and our universe.

Exploring Crystal Grids

Working with crystal grids is just one of the many creative ways to work with crystals. Over the years, I've been captivated by crystals using them for many different reasons and within my healing practice. In the last few years gridding them has been a massive creative spark that I am now sharing with you. I firmly believe that anyone can enhance their lives and work towards their desires and gridding is an intentional tool that has many benefits.

The Essence of Crystal Grids

The grids I utilize are based on sacred geometry, which posits that all life is part of a divine, geometric plan and repeating patterns that make up the universe. You don't necessarily need a predetermined pattern or grid; you can simply arrange your own pattern of crystals—this too forms a grid. Gridding enhances the power of the crystals as they interrelate and infuse with each other, creating a beautiful, strong, and intentional energy.

Understanding Crystals

Crystal properties and their assistance span the physical, emotional, and spiritual planes. For example, black tourmaline is employed for grounding and protection. Even without prior knowledge, you might be intuitively drawn to it by its strong dark color, evoking a sense of grounding.

Intuition vs. Books

While books can be valuable for researching crystal properties, I encourage you to trust your intuition. Choosing crystals based on your personal connection and feelings is often more impactful than adhering strictly to prescribed meanings.

Exploring Uses

The list of potential uses for crystal grids is diverse, determined by your creativity and intuition. Popular personal intentions include manifesting, abundance, health, love, letting go, healing, and gratitude. On a broader scale, crystals are employed for space clearing in practices like Feng Shui, Earth healing, and promoting world peace.

The Role of Meditation

Before setting your intention, it's beneficial to engage in a short meditation, quietening your mind and connecting with your breath. Being grounded and centred, and genuinely connecting with your heart, prepares you for creating meaningful grids, driven by heartfelt intentions rather than obligation or external interpretations.

Creating Your Grid

Formulate an affirmation or intention statement as the focal point of your grid. Take a moment to contemplate what you wish to change, shift, assist, heal, or help today. Crafting intentions from the heart chakra, infused with loving kindness towards yourself and others, can have a profound impact. Ensure you place your crystals with intention, whether by silently affirming it or writing it down and positioning it beneath the crystal.

Selecting Crystals

The most common approach to selecting crystals is to begin with one that embodies the overall theme or intention of your grid—this serves as the central stone or anchor stone. Next, choose several supporting stones that further define your primary purpose. Feel free to add as many other crystals as you like, keeping your intention at the forefront.

Enhancing Your Grid

Supporting crystals play a pivotal role in enhancing your central crystal's intention. These crystals are selected based on their relationship to your central focus. For instance, if health is your primary concern, consider a crystal for strength to aid during times of illness or emotional turbulence.

Emotions and Grounding

If you're setting a grid aimed at clearing emotions, I have found it's essential to include a grounding crystal either on the grid or nearby. This is particularly helpful as you navigate the energy shifts that emotional clearing can trigger.


It's beneficial to position your grid in a place where you feel peaceful and happy. Avoid cluttered tables or spaces associated with unpleasant memories, as the energy of your surroundings can greatly influences the effectiveness of your grid and your intention.

Adapting and Growing

Some suggest creating grids during specific moon phases or leaving them for defined periods. I like to take an approach aligned to your intuition. I believe that as you experience shifts and changes, you may outgrow your initial intention. In such cases, it's perfectly acceptable to modify or recreate your grid. Embrace the possibilities and trust your intuition; you might surprise yourself. I often have several grids at one time, as I send healing for people when requested and family members, I sometimes change one crystal or add one as things evolve and some of my grids are only up for one or two days. I always thank my grid and crystals before I change it or put it away, always grateful.

Extra tips and suggestions

Re-intent or energise your grid daily.

If you are going away or out for the day and you want to carry the energy of your grid with you, you can remove a crystal and have it with you to continue to feel that connection.


Remember, this is your grid and your intention; there are no right or wrong choices. Trust your intuition and inner guidance as you create magnificent intentional grids from your heart. Crystal grids are truly transformational and your possibilities are endless, believe and create magic.

With kindness


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