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Discovering the Magic of Feng Shui: A Personal Transformation

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Today, I find myself inspired by a dear friend to share why I chose to study and practice Feng Shui. My fascination with Feng Shui dates back over 20 years when I first delved into a book on the subject. However, back then, my attempts to apply its principles in my home were not entirely successful. I placed various cures and corrections, but many of them clashed with my personal aesthetics and the existing decor. It felt like something was amiss, and I couldn't seem to get it right.

For years, I set aside Feng Shui, still appreciating its philosophy of harmony with nature but reluctant to incorporate ornaments and items that didn't resonate with me into my home. I knew I wanted to raise the vibrational energy of my living space and create an environment that would manifest the life I desired. I sought balance in my life, yearning to engage in activities that brought me joy more frequently. I have always been deeply attuned to energy, and I yearned for my home to be a source of peace and love.

Recently, I stumbled upon a modern interpretation of Feng Shui that deeply resonated with me. This approach encouraged personalization, working with one's unique preferences and connections, nurturing creativity, and seeing one's home as a vision board. It didn't demand renovations or impose a sense of fear or lack.

In my current home, my toilet occupies the center of my health area, yet I neither obsess nor worry about it, and my health is far from being "down the drain."

During my studies, I encountered concepts like understanding my elements and achieving optimal flow. This knowledge struck a chord with me, revealing simple changes I could make in my home that had an immediate impact on my mood and well-being.

Contrary to the traditional image of coins, frogs, or gold statues in the abundance area, my own space is adorned with lush plants that grow tall, along with special items and crystals. This arrangement makes me feel truly abundant whenever I glance in that direction.

Understanding the energy flow within homes has become second nature to me. It's not unusual for people, even complete strangers, to comment on the calming and wonderful atmosphere of my home. Just last week, during a podcast interview, the interviewer marvelled at the serenity of my home, feeling instantly relaxed. It was one of the greatest compliments I could receive, and I'm immensely grateful that my home exudes such tranquillity.

We invest significant time in personal development, attending retreats and engaging with various practitioners, feeling amazing for a week or two. Returning to a home that supports and continues this journey is truly magical. It often serves as the missing piece of the puzzle that aids recovery and fosters balance.

I cherish the way my home radiates positive energy, not only to me but also to anyone who visits. It's an integral part of my self-care routine and a constant source of joy. I'm passionate about creating beautiful spaces that align with the heart and soul.

With kindness,


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